Otherwise known as a ‘vacuum pot’, this brew method allows for both an immersed, continually heated brew time, and a filtered extraction that delivers a clean, delicious cup. Plus, it makes you feel like a real scientist, which is awesome. Get a lab coat.


  1. Preheat the lower chamber of the syphon with heated water.
  2. Rinse the cloth filter and place in the top chamber of the syphon.
  3. Discard the lower chamber water and refill with more heated water to the desired level. Light the burner.
  4. Place the top chamber on a tilt on top of the bulb chamber - do not fully seal the top chamber to the bulb chamber just yet. When small, rolling bubbles start to appear, seal the top chamber to the bottom by pushing it down in the center until it is snug. The water should begin to rise into the upper chamber shortly after. As the water starts rising, turn down the burner.
  5. When the level of water in the lower chamber is below the bottom of the inner tube, add your coffee, which should be medium grind (just finer than plunger) and light-medium roast. Stir in a back and forth motion , patting down the crust. After 40 - 60 seconds of total brew time, remove the heat source and give the coffee a final stir as the water starts to draw back down into the lower chamber. When the top chamber is empty, pour and enjoy!