Kidnappers Breakfast Blend
Hawthorne Coffee

Kidnappers Breakfast Blend

A wake-up call for the tastebuds. This blend of Kenyan and Central American Specialty Coffees has a lovely sweet creamy feel and a smooth, clean finish with citrus and berry overtones. Ideal for plunger and filters, especially in the morning. Delicious.

Roast Depth


New Zealand Coffee Awards

Bronze Medal – Best Filter/Plunger Blend 2004
Silver Medal – Best Filter/Plunger Blend 2007
Silver Medal – Best Plunger Coffee 2008
Silver Medal – Best Filter Coffee 2009
Bronze Medal – Best Plunger Coffee 2011
Gold Medal – Best Plunger Coffee 2013
Bronze Medal – Best Plunger/Filter Coffee 2014
Silver Medal – Best Food Service Plunger/Filter Coffee 20015
Gold Medal – Best Plunger Coffee 2015

Recommended Brew Ratio

Plunger or filter: 60 grams of coffee per one litre of water.

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